Plan Your Visit!


Trinity is located at 25 Westbrook Rd. on the corner of Westbrook and Wolf Creek Pike in Brookville, Ohio.


Trinity has several handicapped-accessible parking spaces near the front doors, which have power-assist buttons.  The entire building is on one level, and the restrooms have handicapped-accessible stalls.  There are spaces for wheelchairs in the worship area.


When you arrive at the church, enter at the double doors.  Restrooms, coat racks, the nursery, and Sunday school rooms are to the right.


You will be greeted by an usher, who will hand you a three-ring binder or a printed booklet with the complete worship service printed out.  We usually use three-ring binders so we can reduce the amount of paper that would otherwise be used in printing completely new bulletins each week, thereby being good stewards of our environment.  First-time visitors are offered welcome bags and are invited to sign the guest registry, located near the entrance to the worship area.

Weekly Holy Communion

Each worship service lasts slightly longer than an hour, and includes Holy Communion.  Baptized Christians who believe Christ is present in the bread and wine of Holy Communion are welcome to take communion, regardless of where they hold their church membership.  Others are welcome to come forward for a blessing or remain in their pews (seats) while others partake.

No Donation Required

During the worship service, we pass around large plates for the purpose of collecting monetary donations to cover the cost of expenses and ministry work.  While visitors are welcome to donate, it is not requested nor expected.  Members are asked to give generously to support God’s work in the congregation.

Passing the Peace

At a point in the service, we do what we call “passing the peace”.  The pastor invites us to share a sign of Christ’s peace, and we all take a few minutes to shake hands with others present, with the words, “Peace be with you”, or “The peace of the Lord.”  In doing so, we bless one another with a wish for the peace of Christ to be with each of us.

Is it Worship or Calisthenics?

There is a lot of standing up and sitting down, and even some kneeling, in a Lutheran worship service.  In general, we sit, but we sometimes stand to show extra respect, or kneel to show humility.  Directions for when to stand and sit are in the bulletins.

Coffee Hour

Trinity members always provide coffee and treats between worship services, from about 9:15 to 10:15 each Sunday.  Worship attendees enjoy the time to pause and talk to one another over coffee and a snack between the morning’s activities, such as Sunday school, worship, and rehearsals.

Small Church, Big Heart

There is a different feeling when one attends a small church, rather than a large church.  Which is right for you and your family depends upon what you hope for from your spiritual community.  In a large congregation, there is generally more anonymity, more variety in programming, and a greater emphasis on polished production in the worship services.  In a smaller congregation, you can quickly be known by name and find a place to get involved, and the worship service has a more intimate feel to it.  Trinity is a small congregation with a big heart, that feels like a family and a home to its members.  We look forward to others joining the family of God!